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Online Video Poker betting is a close relative to the video poker game your used to in the casinos. There are similarities and differences, the most prominent of which revolve around your environment. Before you get started you should know all the Video Poker Glossary.

Play video poker right and you’ll be playing what many consider the best game with good odds in the casino. With online video poker, you get to play at your own pace and you also have the potential for big payoffs and lot of online video poker fun.

Playing online Video Poker sitting in your favorite chair, with your favorite drink in
your hand. You can pause the video poker game at any time and not lose your machine. You can quit playing video poker while your winning and not have to walk to a Cashier counter ever again.

At home, you have all of the control in the world. Plus a few bonuses you wouldn’t get otherwise. For one, speaking of sign up bonuses, have you ever been comped in Vegas? In most cases the answer is no and the reason is simple: because the place next door won’t comp you either, hence, no competition. On the Internet its different, even if your only playing online video poker, you can get a great free sign up bonus. There are thousands of online casinos just wishing for you to sign up with them and willing to comp you with generous bonuses . Other perks of playing from home include a hand count on your cumulative bet total. Vegas does NOT want you to realize just how much money you’ve put down so far, but many online casinos offer a running total. This gives you a much clearer view of your wins and losses and better control over your bank roll. When it comes down to it, playing online video poker may be your most intelligent choice.

Video Poker Betting is a online Video Poker gambling portal directory listing the most secure and reputable online Video Poker gambling. Internet Video Poker gambling has become popular with many online Video Poker gambling sites being unlicensed and un- secure with no safeguards for players. The online Video Poker & gambling sites listed at Video Poker Betting are reputable and credible most of which have payout schedules reviewed by auditing firms.


Video poker comes in many different options and games to play, but most machines are based simply on the classic poker game of five-card draw. In this situation you are dealt five random cards from a 52-card deck. Some machines add a 53rd card in the from of a joker.

You are allowed just one opportunity to improve your hand by “drawing” cards. This means you get to decide which of your five original cards you want to keep, and which you want to replace with (or discard for) other random cards from the deck.

Don’t confuse yourself now, when you play video poker it may remind you of real poker because of the mechanics of five-card draw. The strategies you employ in each game though have nothing to do with one another. Ranking of the poker hands is the only further relation.

Random Card Generator?
Instead of trying to beat each player at the table like in real poker, when you play video poker for profit, you’re intent is to beat the pay-table of the machine you’re at. The RNG (Random Number Generator) is not what dictates the pay-table of a video poker machine, as it does in a slot machine. Instead, the RNG is used to draw ‘random’ cards from the deck; in effect it ‘shuffles’ the deck for each hand.

This is important to note for anyone who has ever played slot machines. The payback for each machine is determined by the pay-table and the player’s skill, not by the RNG. Therefore the number of coins you play has no effect on the payback percentage. Playing ‘max coins’ does not have the same meaning as in slots. Each coin simply acts as a multiplier for the payout, without affecting the percentage. Many players play maximum coins if the machine only qualifies max coin players for bonus rounds, where payouts are disproportionately greater.

If you’re planning to play video poker in a land-based casino (as opposed to an online casino, both are possible), the first thing you want to do when you sit down to play is remember to put in your slots club card. Part of the profitability of Video Poker comes from the comps you accumulate over time.

To play once you have put your coins in, simply click the deal button to receive your original five cards. Most machines will indicate if your original five cards already form a winning hand right away by highlighting it. Other machines will not automatically hold the cards that are a winning hand, and you have to choose to hold them yourself.

Choose which cards you want to keep by clicking the hold button below each card, or on some games simply touch the card. It’s important to make sure the machine you’re playing follows this standard. It’s uncommon, but not impossible to come across a machine that offers a ‘discard’ button instead of a hold button under each card. Playing online the problem seems to come up fairly often. Be sure you know if you’re holding or throwing away the cards you click.

The cards you choose to discard are thrown away and replaced with new random cards, giving you a full set of 5 again. This is your final hand, and if it’s a winner, so are you.